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 beJOYed is an Art Brand

It starts with Robin’s art and exists on many different mediums and materials. The core body of the Brand is mostly derived from miniature art. There are a cast of characters surrounded by intricate patterns that create worlds within worlds of discovery. From a distance what looks abstract becomes a world of characters at play expressing the emotions of love, joy and connection.

Robin starts by asking her heart, "what do you want me to create, only for good and love". She expresses her gratitude for all the love in my life and gets out of the way. A creation then appears.

This a heart based brand, using the collective minds of the partners along with feedback from the tribe we build. The art and products are an expression of our motto of beCourageous beKind beJOYed. Courage to stay true to ones heart, to deviate from our pack if needed, to listen to others and remain open. Kindness is the expression of divine Love. It’s to do unto others as we want done unto us. It demands great courage specially when we are pushed to our limits of pain and suffering. Joy is the prize for mustering the Courage to make the choice of Kindness. It is the gift we get from first connecting to the divine energy and universal Love inside us. Then choosing actions of Love and Kindness to ourselves, others, and all nature, that reflect that deep inner connection.

We know as human beings we are not perfect. The "beJOYed" Brand is about aspiration to have Courage and Kindness so we can experience more Joy in our lives. My hope is that through seeing the beauty in my art and the beauty of the products we create and hearing our message we will inspire others to have the Courage and Kindness so they will experience more Joy in their lives.


Our Team


Robin Joy Riggsbee | artist


Marilu holmes | business & marketing